When I’m working in the yard, walking in the woods or driving in the car, I like to have something to listen to. Sometimes it’s an audiobook, other times it’s music, but more often I listen to podcasts. It seems like this would be a good place for me to talk about the podcasts so you can decide for yourself if you wish to listen to them.

Title Genre Start Year End Year My rating
Canine Nation Dog Training 2010 2015 Highly recommend
The Dog Rules Dog Training 2010 2015 Enjoyed with provisions
Dog Talk with Dave McMahon Dog Information 1991 Current as of 2017 Not really worth the listen
The Education Bookcast Education and Learning 2016 Current as of 2017 Surprisingly relevant to dog training
Leerburg Dog Training 2006 Ended 2014 No. Just no.
The Pawcast Entertainment 2016 Current as of 2018 Not my thing but good for entertainment
Radiolab Human Behavior 2002 Current as of 2018 Very Interesting
Victoria Stilwell Positively Podcast Dog Training 2011 Current as of 2017 Enjoyed with provisions
What Would Jeff Do? Solving behavior issues 2015 Current as of 2018 Avoid at all costs