In 2002, Jad Abumrad created Radiolab for National Public Radio. This is a podcast dedicated to investigating how humans interact with the world. Jad, along with co-host Robert Krulwich, present stories that are about almost any subject you can think of. The one thing tying all these stories together is human nature and science. This show has won several awards including a Peabody.



This podcast is presented on a weekly basis. It covers a wide range of topics. Radiolab is not a news report. Instead, it is a show about topical information all predicated on the idea that the world is strange and we don’t really understand very much of it. Especially when dealing with other humans. Many of the stories revolve around how humans interact with the strange world and the choices they make.

What I Liked:

This show is always interesting and always entertaining. The subjects they choose are so widely varied that you can pretty much find something interesting. If you don’t like one episode, you are sure to like the next.

I find that I am learning more and more about how humans learn and how they make decisions by listening to this podcast.

Jad and Robert are fun, interesting and professional all at the same time. Each episode they lead you down a path that takes you places you never expected. And each week you end the podcast still wanting more.

Areas for Improvement:

Sometimes it feels like they are dumbing down the content in order to target a wider audience. In some of the episodes, it feels like a lot of information has been discarded or glossed over in order to make a more interesting podcast instead of educating the public.

A few episodes have so much spiffy sound editing that it actually takes away from the story. Occasionally they go overboard on the background music, side stories and sound effects.

Lately, the program has become more political in nature, covering topics that are not so much about human nature as about our current political situation and political fads of today. I believe this is because of the second podcast that Jad is making that is all about the Supreme Court. This shift of interest appears to be interfering with new Radiolab content.


This is a very interesting and entertaining podcast. Even the newer, more political episodes are interesting to listen to. I would definitely recommend that you listen to this if you want to find out more about human nature as well as how and why we make the decisions we make.

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