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Eric Brad CPDT-KA is a dog trainer, blogger, podcaster, Agility competitor and musician. Along with his wife, Petra, he runs ScallyWaggs, an agility club in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. For many years Eric trained his dogs using traditional methods. Now he is a self-proclaimed “crossover” trainer, making a move from correction based training to positive reinforcement and operant conditioning.



Each week Eric takes a look at how we train our dogs, the ways in which we can improve communication and our expectations for our dogs. He does this with an eye on scientific research and science based training methods, preferring to use positive reinforcement and operant conditioning over other methods because they improve the bond with our dogs.

What I Liked:

Each and every podcast is filled with interesting information about positive reinforcement dog training. From the use of clickers to types of reinforcers, from book recommendations to interviews, there is a lot of great information here.

One really nice aspect is that Eric tends to be concise and to the point. There is not a lot of fluff in these podcasts, which means they are in easily digestible short segments. Most are 20 minutes or less, which makes them ideal for listening to on a commute or when walking the dog.

The subject areas are all topics that I found myself interested in, things I have been looking into myself. So every time I listened to an episode, it was very topical and relevant. It doesn’t hurt that Eric and I seem to have a similar philosophy.

Areas for Improvement:

If I were to pick one area where Canine Nation could use some improvement, it would be in the delivery of the content. With the exception of some interview episodes, where discussion was natural and flowing, it is easy to tell that Eric Brad is reading from a piece of paper. The delivery is in a monotone and not at all natural manner. This can make interesting subjects sometimes hard to listen to if you are tired at all and, in those cases, not ideal for listening to while driving.


If you are at all interested in positive reinforcement dog training or operant conditioning, then this is the podcast for you. Pretty much any question you have about these subjects will be covered.

It’s a shame the podcast has ended but there plenty of back-episodes to keep you listening for a very long time. During it’s run, Eric Brad was prolific, recording well over 100 episodes. At 20 minutes each, that’s over 30 hours of listening.

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