The Pawcast by 2 Travelling Dogs (2016-Current)

Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake are two rescue dogs from Florida. They have a website, a blog, a podcast, a facebook page and about 2 million followers. They have even been featured on NBC. Currently they are travelling around the United States with the goal of visiting all 48 contiguous states (everything except Hawaii and Alaska).



Brickle and Digby are travelling the United States in the Big Blue Treat Wagon with a couple of human companions. In their podcast, their humans discuss the journey, problems along the way, beautiful sights, dog friendly locations and food.

What I Liked:

This podcast is very entertaining. The stories they tell about their journey are very interesting and heartwarming. These dogs definitely love their people. They love the varied locales and the food. This sounds exactly like the kind of adventure I would like to have with my dogs.

Sheer numbers tell the tail, these dogs are popular. They have all the media resources. They don’t need anything fancy though. Their website is rather plain looking, their facebook page is similar. But they draw the crowds.

Areas for Improvement:

This podcast is really just for entertainment purposes. If you want to hear an interesting story about dogs travelling around the United States, this is it. If you want to learn any information that you can use in your daily life or in your dog business or even just when training your own dogs, there is absolutely nothing in here worth listening to.


If you want something interesting to listen to that won’t tax your brain, this is probably the pawcast for you. It is certainly entertaining. If you want something more, then this there are much better podcasts for learning about dogs and dog training.

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