What Would Jeff Do? (2015-current)

Jeff Gellman is a dog trainer and radio show personality. In 2010 he started a radio show on AM 790 in Rhode Island. In 2015 he converted his radio show to a podcast. The format is a rapid fire series of questions and answers.


Listeners send in questions about problems they are having and Jeff will answer them in the shortest amount of time. He claims to have an answer to every possible dog issue and that he can solve them in this format with a very short, simple answer.

What I Liked:

Jeff is very comfortable in front of a microphone and very confident in his skills. His answers to the questions are short and two the point.

Areas for Improvement:

Jeff claims to be able to solve dog behavior issues using this quick and easy format. A question is stated in the least possible amount of words and Jeff replies with the least amount of words as well, with his suggestion. It is unlikely that dog behavior problems can be solved this quickly or easily.

The methods suggested are 100% (well maybe 98%) correction based. In the very first podcast I listened to he even stated as much “correct your dog, correct your dog, correct your dog”. It would seem that a more cooperative, science based approach would yield longer lasting results.

The rapid fire question and answer approach seems designed more to increase the number of listeners instead of actually solving issues with long lasting results.


Definitely skip this podcast unless you are just looking to make yourself upset or you want some good entertainment listening to all the corrections that Jeff suggests. As for a training podcast, this is exactly the opposite of how you should train your dog.;


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