Dog Talk with Dave McMahon

Dave McMahon is a dog trainer and owner of Dave McMahon’s Dog Training Academy in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. He hosts a radio show on Newstalk 610 out of Niagra Falls.



Dave McMahon hosts a talk radio show dedicated to dogs. He has hosted various dog talk radio shows since 1991 and appears to be very popular. In addition, he runs a dog training facility in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. He was voted the “Best Dog Training School” in Niagra Falls by the Reader Choice Awards and claims “Any dog, any breed, any size, we can fix any problem.” His most recent talk show venture is also transmitted as a podcast which makes it available world wide instead of just locally in Niagra Falls.

What I Liked:

Dave McMahon is definitely an interesting person. He always has a guest on his show discussing all things dog. Quite often there are trivia questions that are educational.

Many of the guests on Dave McMahon’s (but not all) are involved with dogs in some way. From breeders to dog equipment company reps to dog walkers. And they each have some interesting information to impart and sometimes stories of their experiences.

One thing that is very nice about the show is how Dave McMahon always has some thing to give away. His questions for the callers attempting to win the prizes are never too difficult and someone always wins. Sometimes the requirements to win are quite entertaining.

This show is very entertaining to listen to and I listen to it primarily for the trivia questions and Dave’s personality.

Areas for Improvement:

I have been listening to this for a couple of months now. In each episode, Dave gives out a phone number and other contact information for people to contact him. He says he will help them solve problems with their dogs’ behavior. However, in two months of listening, I have not heard one single person call in with a problem behavior that needs to be solved. So I’m not certain how effective Dave’s suggestions will be.

Sometimes Dave plays some clips from people that have taken his dog training classes. As you would expect, these are basically positive reviews for his dog training facility and methods. Since I haven’t heard Dave McMahon talk about his training methods, this is all the information I have to go on. Some of the comments I have heard make me think he leans more towards classical conditioning and some negative reinforcement. One comment that stuck out in my mind had to do with how a student had a much better relationship with her dog once she took charge and became the pack leader. So this leads me to think he is a proponent of pack theory.

Dave is, primarily, a dog trainer. He has been a radio personality for over two decades but his major source of income probably comes from his dog training academy. So he uses his show for some free advertising (I assume it’s free, I don’t really know) for his training academy. On some shows it can be a bit annoying when he mentions his training academy over and over again.


Not really. There’s nothing bad here if you want some entertainment. But as a dog training podcast, this one falls a bit short. You could listen to this if you wanted to get some dog trivia occasionally. Just keep in mind that you may get some classical conditioning or pack theory thrown your way.

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