Victoria Stilwell Positively Podcast

Victoria Stilwell is a positive reinforcement trainer that is an advocate of science based training methods. She has a television show “It’s Me or the Dog” where she works with families that are experiencing behavioral issues with their dog. She does this by observing the problem and recommending a course of action to improve the dog (and family)’s behavior.

This podcast is rather enjoyable and contains a lot of very interesting information. Victoria teams up with Holly Firfer and, sometimes, Victoria’s own family. They discuss dogs, their latest projects, issues that listeners send in, and much more.


This is an enjoyable podcast. Victoria and Holly have a great raport and get along well together. Their dynamic makes this interesting and fun to listen to.

What I Liked:

As I said, the dynamic between the two hosts is excellent. They are fun to listen to and I’m always entertained. It’s clear that Victoria is a positive reinforcement trainer and always talks about dogs in that way. I really enjoy when she brings her family on. There is an interesting segment where they present odd facts about dogs and this is fun.

Areas for Improvement:

As a podcast about dog training, this one falls a bit short. Seldom is there any information about how to actually train a dog. Most of the time the discussion revolves around what’s going on with Victoria and Holly. Sometimes there is interesting information about dogs but mostly not. In most episodes, Victoria answers listener email and attempts to solve their problems remotely. However, I don’t think these solutions are particularly effective given that the amount of information provided by the listeners is very minimal (Help, my dog is doing xyz). With the limited information she has, Victoria attempts to come up with a “fix” but no two dog behavior cases are the same and effective solutions to behavior issues require observation and planning.

One other thing that I noticed. In 2014, Victoria’s podcast became sponsored by Adaptil. The way the advertising is presented in the podcast, it makes it sound like one of the best things you can do for your dog is to use drugs. It’s not in there much, just a couple of sentences in each episode but it detracts from the rest of the podcast. It seems like this should be something a Veterinarian or a Veterinary Behaviorist should decide and not Victoria Stilwell.


Well, it depends on why you are listening. If you want a fun, entertaining podcast for your commute, this certainly could be that. If you want a podcast that helps you train your dog, this isn’t going to be the one.

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