The Dog Rules Podcast (2010-2015)

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, The Dog Rules Podcast was created by Kyra Sundance as a companion piece for the book. Kyra Sundance has written several books on dog training and tricks as well as running a successful company that encourages people to “Do More with Your Dog”.
I listened to this podcast and enjoyed it for the most part. During the podcast, Kyra talks about what she has been up to. Her latest accomplishments with her dogs including tricks she has taught them, demonstrations she has put on, and even some about the long distance running she does. She also talks about how to teach tricks to your dogs.

I enjoyed this podcast as entertainment but not as a dog training podcast. I’m not sure I would recommend it.

What I Liked:
Kyra uses only positive reinforcement to train her dogs and she encourages others to do so. She has successfully grown a business around her trick dogs. She has been encouraging people to spend time with their dogs, training them to do fun tricks. Her podcasts always have some tips on how to train your dog and a discussion on how she has trained her dogs including how she managed to shape specific tricks.

There is also some interesting discussion about the various events she has attended with her dogs and the stunts she performs. Television and movie appearances as well. Also, Kyra has a voice that’s nice to listen to.

Areas for Improvement:
This podcast is primarily about Kyra Sundance. She spends most of the time talking about what she has been up to. I would like if she would spend more time talking about dog training since that’s what her business is all about.

Unfortunately, this podcast has ended. Towards the end, as Kyra Sundance was growing her business, she started to change the format of the podcast. She brought another person on board and they started to have a great back and forth discussion about dog training. The content was slowly changing from a podcast about Kyra Sundance and was starting to focus on dogs and training more and more. Just as it started to be primarily about these subjects, the podcast ended.

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