Zoo (CBS) 2015+ (Science Fiction)


Zoo is a television series on CBS that started in 2015. As of this review, it is in the middle of season 3. This means enough people watch it to warrant three seasons.

I was told this was a good series so I invested some time into watching it. However, after the first season, I felt frustrated. I attempted to continue into season 2 but could not.

There are two basic issues that I have with the series. First, I don’t feel like I care about any of the characters. They feel a bit wooden to me and tend to fall into routines that I have seen many times in other shows. A person gets a terrible wound? “No, I’m fine” and no one insists he go to the hospital. A person gets thrust in front of a knowledgeable group and asked to explain the problem? Quickly shut down for lack of knowledge.

The second, and perhaps larger, issue is the way the animals act. I don’t mean that animals act out of character for the animals. That’s the premise of the series itself. So I buy into that. But it’s like physics has changed. Or maybe the laws of the universe have shifted? Jamie gets confronted with a bison. She is no more than 20 yards away. The bison charges at full speed. Jamie handily gets away and we never felt that she would actually get trampled. A few scenes later she is being tracked by wolves. She hides from view and they can no longer find her. What about their noses? Chloe is swarmed by wasps. They surround her head and chase her down the street. She runs to a car where another woman is also being swarmed and rescues the woman’s baby. The woman in the car dies from wasp stings but Chloe has no stings on her. This is pretty consistent though the entire series. This is the thing that made stop watching.

For me, Zoo just doesn’t work. I went from initially liking the idea to wondering what crazy unrealistic thing was going to happen in the next episode. I think if they maybe spent a little bit of their budget on writers then I would be interested in watching again.

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